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Spending the day outside is a great way to take advantage of the summer break. If you'd like to take your child to the zoo while they're off school, follow the tips below so you can have a joyous time there.

How to Visit the Zoo With Your Child

Do a Bit of Research

It's suggested that you research the weather, the zoo, and more, before you head out, so you can prepare for your day and know what to expect.


Speaking of preparing, to make the most out of your day, you need to dress appropriately and comfortably (don't forget hats and sunscreen). Likewise, be sure to pack your bags with water and snacks.

Reiterate the Rules

Needless to say, your child should behave appropriately. Go over the rules with them (they shouldn't feed the animals, get too close to their cages, wander away, litter, and more), to ensure they do.

Look Out for Them

No matter how many times you repeat the rules to your child, you should still remember to look out for them. Zoos are highly stimulating, so make sure they won't cause or get in any trouble while there.

Learn, Learn, Learn

If you're there to learn, keep your senses open to absorb as much information as possible: look at the animals, hear the sounds they make, and even read the information cards on their cages. At the end of the day, quiz your child so you can see what they learned.

Go to the Children's Area

Finally, if the zoo you go to has a children's area, take your child to it. There they'll probably be able to learn about biology, zoology, ecology, and more, in a more interactive and fun way.

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